“I Love The Night”

One of the wildest nighttime shoots was putting a fabulously restored Ferrari 250LM in a building under construction. Doing the shoot during the day was out because shadows would have been everywhere, and that would have blanketed the car with dark streaks all over its curvaceous body. We thus waited until the evening, and put the car in the building and used construction lights for proper illumination. Making the whole thing even more fun was it was done on the sly, for the owner of the car and building was out of town. His brother had commissioned me to do a monograph on the collection as a surprise Christmas present…

The True Inspiration

It’s not often one sees a good number of Lamborghinis covered in evening dew.

So what was the inspiration to put these disparate shoots together? Back in the late 1970s and early 1980s one of the biggest rock bands was Blue Oyster Cult. A longtime favorite, several lines from one of their more popular and melodic songs were going through my head when I realize those words seem to encapsulate the magic of these images:

“I love the night.
The day is okay
And the sun can be fun
But I live to see
Those rays slip away…”

Most appropriately, that song’s name is “I Love the Night.” A passion which, in the way of automotive photography, can certainly work wonders from time to time!

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